Manager International Credit Administration

  • Salary: See description
  • Location: Doha, Dawhah, Qatar
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Company: Qatar National Bank (QNB)
  • Updated on: 12 Jul 19



  • Perform activities within the assigned Credit Risk Strategy that reflects the QNB’s tolerance for risk and the level of profitability the QNB expects to achieve for incurring various credit risks.
  • Use standardized process for evaluating credit proposals ensuring that all approved credits are within  QNB’s Credit Risk Strategy.
  • Ensure effective and efficient performance of the subsection to monitor and control all credit administration processes, minimize risks and optimize profits for the bank.
  • Ensure that all policies, procedures and guidelines of QNB and local regulatory authority are complied with. Continuously identify and highlight all relevant process defects and gaps relevant to the existing credit administration process and work flows and immediately take necessary and adequate corrections or mitigating actions, if required, to safeguard the Banks interest and ensure efficient and timely execution of required functions.
  • Assist the Risk unit in creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the department and monitor their achievement on periodic basis.
  • Coordinate with QNB  Compliance to ensure an appropriate response to obtain updates on regulations pertaining to credit risk review that are promulgated by Regulators, if any.
  • Build and maintain strong and effective relationship with the all other related departments and units to achieve the QNB’s goals/ objectives.
  • Provide timely and accurate information to the external and internal auditors and the Compliance function as and when required.
  • Provide advise and support on all aspects of documentation matters to  Credit Administration Staff at International Branches.
  • Follow ups on the timeliness and coordination with International Branches on the production of credit reports for internal purposes on regular periodic basis or on demand by senior management, auditors, compliance or regulators.
  • Ensure that checklists requirement for credit facilities documentation preparation, accounts annual reviews and processing ensuring all credit requirements are fulfilled.
  • Ensure physical custody of the original documents/legal paperwork are passed and held with Credit Operations asper the banks policy and procedures.
  • Ensure all system executions are performed by operations and not Credit admin such as “limit input, fund disbursements and collateral  updates on the core system” to avoid the occurrence of conflict of interest.
  • Identify weak / defective aspects of credit applications, agreements, documents, enforceability of security documentation submitted for review and coordinate with the relevant unit for rectification.
  • Conduct periodic inspection of collateral to revalidate security lien and required loan to value (LTV).
  • Follow-up on outstanding / pending credit facility, Monitor syndicated loans managed by QNB Agency Unit or Third party facility agent.
  • Conduct monitoring and control and ensure data integrity and arrange for periodic updates. 



  • Bachelor degree preferably in finance, economics or related subjects.
  • Minimum of 8 years experience in a major regional or international bank [or other comparable financial services or consultancy company] in a corporate or  Credit function.Minimum 3 years in a supervisory capacity in credit administration function.
  • Established knowledge and experience in Credit Administration operations.
  • Good background and experience in Corporate Finance, Retail and Private Banking, Investment Banking and banking operations in general.
  • Proficiency in risk concepts, banking products/ operations/ systems, pertinent regulatory requirements, International Accounting Standards and related pronouncements.
  • Superior knowledge and understanding of legal credit / security documentation and other relevant supporting documents.
  • Knowledge of financial markets and products.
  • Good understanding of credit risk methodologies (KMV, Credit Metrics, etc.), interest rate modelling [short rate models, HJM, BGM, etc.], VAR, and/or other complex financial risk modelling highly desirable.