Team Leader (Technology & Operations / Channels & Services Operations / Channels Services / J1889)

  • Competitive
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Standard Chartered Global Business Services Sdn Bhd
  • 21 May 19

Team Leader (Technology & Operations / Channels & Services Operations / Channels Services / J1889)

Introduction 1
Leading the way in International Banking. We support the people and companies driving investment, trade and wealth creation across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. And our heritage and values are expressed in our brand promise - here for good. See our Brand and Values

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Job Purpose
To perform specific duties as instructed by the management and delivering the objectives set by the Group, Company and Department through consistent high-quality performance and services to customers (outside & within) with the emphasis on accuracy, TAT and productivity and in accordance with the relevant procedures, guidelines and policies.
Key Responsibilities
1. Ensure consistent delivery of high quality services to customers through meeting or exceeding customer expectation guided by the Service Level Agreement, efficiency/accuracy standards and good business processes/judgement.
2. Support in identifying transformational opportunities and building efficiencies
3. Manage the operational risk of the team to avoid operational/reputation losses
4. Ensure awareness and full compliance of all laid down rules, regulations, policies, guidelines
5. Control sample testing results have nil over-due and thematic issues are address along with Unit Manager.
6. Follow up on corrective/preventive actions to a point where concerns arising from these findings are addressed to a satisfactory level.
7. Ensure full compliance of all laid down rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, procedures, practices and code of conduct imposed by the Company/Group.
8. Ensure due care and diligence is exercised by individual and team members on day to day operational matters relating to Money Laundering and KYC, acquiring relevant knowledge and training; thus, providing support to superiors and subordinates.
9. Ensure that all staff in the team continues to be equipped and developed with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to achieve the required level of competency to facilitate them to perform their roles and responsibilities effectively, efficiently and accurately.
10. Assist in building a performance-driven organization by constantly reviewing the team's and individual performance against set objectives and providing the appropriate support, motivation and guidance.
11. Support the roll-out of appropriate quality management systems in the team to measure the qualitative performance of team and driving the team to live the values of the bank.
12. Establish and maintain close working relationship with COBAM, CLDM and GBS locations facilitating an open and direct communication.
Key Measurable
1. Living the company's values.
2. Job objectives.
3. Accuracy, TAT & Productivity, employee scorecard
4. Support and contribute to the Team's objectives.
5. Contribute in Ops Risk Management to avoid operational and/or reputational losses to the Company/Group.
6. Developing team members to achieve the desired level of productivity and competency.
7. Support the roll-out of appropriate quality management systems and other initiatives by the Company/Group.

Key Relationships
1. Department Head, Senior Managers, Managers, Assistant Manager, SGOO, GOO & Agency Staff
2. GBS and Country stakeholders
1. Reporting, approvals, direction, policies, referrals, discussions on issues relating to the team.
2. Referrals, discussions on issues relating to the team.

Introduction 2
Leading the way in International Banking. With more than 86,000 employees in 68 countries, and a 150-year history in some of the world's most dynamic markets, Standard Chartered is listed on the London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges as well as the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges in India. See our history

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Introduction 3
Leading the way in International Banking. Standard Chartered is one of the world's most dynamic and exciting international banks. Once you have joined the team, we offer many opportunities to expand and grow your career.

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Proposition 1 - A diverse culture
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Proposition 3 - Career development
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