Director of Risk Management, M&G Luxembourg S.A.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leadership in the development and evolution of the M&G Luxembourg risk management framework and the risk control assessment process
  • Leadership of the annual assessment over the adequacy and effectiveness of the risk management strategy
  • Ownership of the M&G Luxembourg Valuation Policy and related valuation procedures and pricing decisions
  • Periodic review of the implementation of risk policies, systems and procedures
  • Subject matter expert on risk providing technical risk input on fund investment strategies, new funds, legislative interpretation and business process change
  • Senior risk oversight responsibility including regular review and challenge of reports submitted to the M&G Luxembourg Board of Directors, Management Committee and Local Controls Committee
  • Risk Management reporting to the M&G Luxembourg Board of Directors and to the Board of Directors of funds on a periodical basis.
  • Risk advisory support to the M&G Luxembourg Board of Directors and relevant Fund Boards
  • Participation in client due diligence, on-boarding and other risk based presentations
  • Main contact at M&G Luxembourg for the CSSF, specifically, with regards to Risk Management and, generally, for other matters.
  • Active participation in risk based groups within Luxembourg and European industry working groups with particular focus on ALFI and EFAMA
  • Contributing to the overall development and activities of the company
  • Leadership over the development and maintenance of suitable training and development programmes for M&G Lux staff
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