Alternative Fund Administration Manager, VP Alternative Fund Administration Manager, VP …

State Street Corporation
in Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan
Permanent, Full time
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State Street Corporation
in Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan
Permanent, Full time
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State Street Corporation
Alternative Fund Administration Manager, VP
Overview of Expected Scope of Role and Responsibilities :
  • To ensure that deliverables and services regarding clients' investments to Alternative vehicles are properly managed by trust services and aggregators services.
  • Keep informed on deliverables, investments and provide review/guidance when necessary
    • Have the ability to perform the service functions if required
  • Escalate any items or issues that are deemed to impact client experience
  • Ensure on-boarding of new funds are successful and there is proper communication across all teams
  • Be an Alternative Assets resource to clients to provide them with industry knowledge, best practices, my experiences and guidance on how to proceed
  • Engage with team members and other stakeholders to support and provide help when needed
  • Provide the tools and resources to the team to ensure success and meeting their goals/performance priorities
  • Review and monitor the operating model for the Trustee and Aggregator service to ensure it operationally sound and is provides value to the client
    • Includes how the Trust Ops teams and AIS team is involved in the servicing
  • Implement required change that improve our services and increases the capabilities of our team members. This is both operationally and alternative specific.
  • Create/develop the future state model of the Alternatives Team. Implement the plan to ensure we are we prepared for future growth and new clients.
  • Conduct training and knowledge transfer to direct and indirect stakeholders.

Business as Usual :
  • Contact point for Team Manager's on Alternatives concerns such as work load, upcoming activity, staffing concerns and training.
  • Monitoring/reading all emails related to Alternative Servicing (Trust & Aggregator) including Ops, SRO and within Alts Team
    • Especially external emails from Ops team to ensure proper and quality of communication. Raise to Managers if it can be improved.
  • Monitoring Alts Volumes to ensure proper headcount for current/future activity
    • Work with Trust Ops Manager on FTE analysis and review to understand activity drivers for Alts
  • Watching big picture of servicing to connect the pieces and identify areas for improvement
    • Filling in the gaps of model or activities to understand end to end process. (Contributing in meetings or on Ad Hoc basis)
    • Weighing SRO/Client's needs & operations capacity, risks
  • Review on Alts Pricing Updates both cash adjusted and new NAV statements
    • Recon with AIS pricing and reporting
  • Provide and produce Management Updates on Servicing or Ad Hoc Request related to Alternative Servicing (Ex. Requests from Mgmt. to do presentations on Alts)
  • Resource for different stakeholders when it comes to alternatives, operating model, client request questions or insights
  • Support SRO on General Partner queries and arranging documents or information related to client's account
  • Contribute to Alts Task Meeting - Big picture, observation, concerns, items to think about
  • Coordinate or support any Alts Team related activities/actions such as SRO to Alts tasks transfer, PMO transfer, etc.
  • Ensure Alts Team Stakeholders are on relevant Alts related communication

AIS Point of Contact & Monitoring for SSTB:
  • Monitoring SSTB activity for AIS action items
  • Ensuring relevant documents are sent over to AIS team
  • Send over new investment details
  • Monitor AIS activity for quality, timeliness and deliverable schedule
    • See AIS SLA or SSTB Tasks List
  • Ensure SSTB takes action on AIS items and/or responds to AIS queries
  • Provide updates or training when required and vice-versa seek guidance from AIS on any items
  • AIS user access request need to be sent through AIS team

Company Overview

From technology and product innovation to corporate responsibility and community development, we're making our mark on the financial services industry. For more than two centuries, we've been helping our clients safeguard and steward the investments of millions of people - strengthening markets, building communities and creating opportunities for growth.

We owe that longevity to the commitment, expertise and creativity of our employees. Our continued success depends on our ability to attract and develop the best talent in the industry. That's why we're keenly focused on employee development, corporate citizenship and inclusion.

For us, success comes in the mark we make as an organization - for the industry, our clients, our communities and each other.