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in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
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in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
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Fixed Monthly Salary & Benefits
Capgemini Hong Kong is hiring UI/UX Developers for projects related to Banking & Financial domain. You should be able to combine the art of design with programming with an eye for well crafted front-end experiences, and the experience of building scalable web sites. Apart from understanding the front-end web development process, including design, development and deployment, some back-end experience is also important. One should be a phenomenal teammate with a forward thinking mindset, ability and confidence to challenge the status quo to define future visions.

Responsibilities /Skills :

  • Delivering a complete front end application 
  • Ensuring high performance 
  • Writing tested and idiomatic JavaScript, HTML and CSS 
  • Governing the whole user interface and experience 
  • Cooperating with the back-end developer in the process of building the RESTful API Skills and Qualifications 
  • Proficiency with JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, RESTful APIs, Asset Management tools(Grunt/Gulp)
  • Professional, precise communication skills 
  • Deep knowledge of React, VUE or AngularJS practices and commonly used modules based on extensive work experience 
  • At least 5+ years of experience hand-coding HTML(5), CSS(3) and other UI technologies
  • Deep understanding of object oriented JavaScript, solid programming background
  • Experience in back-end frameworks used to develop dynamic web pages
  • Expertise developing and testing across multiple browsers, platforms, DOM implementations, etc.
  • Experience with XML: XSLT, DTD or Schema modeling, DOM/XPath/SAX parsing
  • Experience with content management systems (CMS) and version control systems
  • User Interface Design, Information Architecture, graphic design experience a plus
  • Understanding of good design principles and ability to adhere to complex design specifications during implementation
  • Demonstrated ability to accurately estimate and scope development work
  • Experience in working with java  and Javascript and data visualisation libraries 
  • Experience with all levels of operation available to the front-end, such as from creating XHRs in vanilla JS to using a custom wrapper around $resource 
  • Validating user actions on the client side and providing responsive feedback 
  • Creating custom, general use modules and components which extend the elements and modules of core Javascript libraries, when needed 
  • Experience with building the infrastructure for serving the front-end app and assets. 
  • Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components 
  • Ensuring a clear dependency chain, consistent with the app logic as well as the file system 
  • Thorough understanding of the responsibilities of the platform, database, API and other web services used in the system
  • Develop and maintain design systems and user interface design guidelines that consistently scale across platforms
  • Experience in implementing Visualization, Web application using HTML5, CSS3, WebGL and JavaScript 
  • Experience with modern web frameworks such as Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, D3 and jQuery
  • Understanding web standards (responsiveness, mobile, bootstrap)
  • Understand MVC models and coding standards

Key Qualifications :

  • Experience in User-centred design (UCD) from initial wireframes through prototyping and building of the final product.
  • Proficient in UI/UX design and translating the design to code.
  • Experience in building highly scalable, high performance, responsive web applications.
  • Experience working with object-oriented programming and web technologies (Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Restful APIs)
  • Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3 Solid grasp of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX Advanced knowledge of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS etc.
  • Familiarity with core concepts of JAVA. Usage of source version control software (e.g. Git)
  • Commitment to code quality with experience of automated testing techniques (both static and dynamic) Superb communication and reciprocal skills
  • Evaluating and defining requirements and problem statements. Excitement and passion to work on amazing products
  • Validated ability to excel in a fast-paced development team