Latency Optimization Engineer at Profitable and Fast Growing Crypto Trading Company Latency Optimization Engineer at Profitable and  …

Parallel Capital
in Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
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Extremely Competitive Top End of Market
Parallel Capital
in Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
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Extremely Competitive Top End of Market

Company Background

Parallel Capital is an algorithmic, high frequency proprietary trading firm that specializes in providing liquidity within the cryptocurrency markets.

We’re a major though under-the-radar player in the cryptocurrency market making ecosystem, founded by industry veterans from both Wall Street and Silicon Valley in a melding of finance and tech. With over 35+ years of combined experience, we profitably trade tens of billions per month, outperforming much larger and better funded teams, and we are expanding rapidly.


To put this in context: we trade 1% of the entire crypto industry's volume daily. If we were a retail exchange (think Coinbase or Binance), we would be ranked #5 on any given day in total trading volume and trade more than Gemini and Bittrex combined.

We value constant learning, continuous improvement, fast iteration, and relentless resourcefulness. We focus on results, not effort. We embrace the sharing of ideas with an open mind and engage in healthy debate to evaluate them from first principles.


Role and Responsibilities

We’re seeking a Latency Optimization Engineer to help measure and improve the performance of our trading systems. Your day to day tasks include gathering and analyzing data on our system performance, adding instrumentation to pinpoint areas of latency, and then coming up with innovative, practical, and effective solutions for reducing that latency.

You’ll have the support of a team of elite traders who can provide the initial known latency bottlenecks for you to dive into as well as DevOps team members who can help set up any technical resources you need to execute.

No prior cryptocurrency or finance knowledge is required, as we are happy to provide education and training in those areas but a strong engineering background is absolutely essential for success in this role and an interest in cryptocurrency is highly recommended.



We deeply believe in an iterative process when building and exploring technology and as a result we expect a tight feedback loop - frequent communication, asking questions when there are any uncertainties, pointing out tradeoffs to be made, and front footing anything unexpected are all strongly encouraged and highly valued.


The ideal candidate:

  • Prefers simplicity and likes to take a lean and iterative approach to solving problems.
  • Has good taste in engineering choices, explains and makes wise tradeoffs to balance realistic pragmatism in achieving business requirements.
  • Uses a deeply data-backed approach to decision making.
  • Embraces 80/20 thinking.
  • Understands that identifying what to optimize is more important than blindly optimizing.
  • Proactively gathers and analyzes data before coming to conclusions and moving forward to the optimization stage.
  • Clearly communicates how the data implies a particular conclusion; considers and expresses alternative explanations for what the data shows.
  • Ruthlessly practices pragmatism to achieve results.
  • Thrives in a culture of passionate learning and teaching.
  • Loves to reflect on challenges and improve process and tooling iteratively.
  • Looks beyond the surface to identify and understand root causes and seek to resolve those instead of only addressing the symptoms.
  • Exhibits strong attention to detail and sweats the small things, knowing that they compound to contribute to a more holistic experience by all stakeholders.
  • Understands the importance of good documentation and is proactive and consistent about recording clear and useful information as well as making it readily available to other team members and external consumers.




  • Extensive experience diagnosing and optimizing application performance by measuring latency, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing improvements.
  • 3+ years of production Python (ideally with gevent and/or asyncio) and/or Node.js experience.
  • Comfortable working with data collection and analysis on a small scale; needs to be able to quickly and accurately store and analyze data.
  • Consistently makes smart and informed data-backed decisions; does not get sidetracked on wild goose chases based on mere hunches.
  • Solid grasp of the TCP, WebSocket, and HTTP protocols.
  • Thorough understanding of modern web application architecture.
  • Productive familiarity with Git and GitHub best practices.
  • Excellent communication skills through fluent written and verbal English; explain thought process and analysis, provide clear and concise updates on progress and findings, proactively ask for clarification whenever needed.
  • Proven track record of teamwork and delivering outstanding results.


Nice to Haves

Experience with C++, Golang, Rust.

WebSockets optimization experience, on the client and/or server side.

Bachelor's degree in CS or related, firm understanding of data structures and algorithms.

Experience with diving into the internals of industry standard network protocols.



Above market compensation, with potentially significant bonuses commensurate with performance. Relocation available for highly qualified candidates who are interested in moving to Hong Kong.

Work with smart, motivated, like-minded peers who you can teach and learn from to grow together.

We strongly believe in professional development and are supportive in ensuring personal and professional growth.

You’ll be joining a small team with no bureaucracy or politics and get to work directly with the founders.


Preferred Time Zone

UTC +8 (Hong Kong) +/- 4 hours

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