Director, Corporate Finance Director, Corporate Finance …

International Union Construction Group
in Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 09 Feb 21
120k+Bonus or Competitive
International Union Construction Group
in Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 09 Feb 21
120k+Bonus or Competitive
Manager/Director, Corporate Finance - fund raising, debt issuance and asset management. International Union Construction Group is a large-scale international joint venture joint-stock enterprise, which is committed to the distribution of China and international markets through overseas financing and global supply chain management, overseas investment, supply chain management, industrial funds, securities investment and equity investment. The Group has three major centers, namely, the strategic center, the administrative center and the financial center.



1. 依據公司募集工作戰略定位,組織實施相對應的融資工作。

Organize and implement the corresponding investment and financing work according to the strategic orientation of the company's fund raising work.


2. 為國內企業完成在港發債的工作。

To complete the debt issuance in Hong Kong for domestic enterprises.


3. 負責金融機構、直投機構、企業投資者、管道投資者等各類資金管道的開拓與維護,負責客戶關係的建立、維護及管理。

Responsible for the development and maintenance of financial institutions, direct investment institutions, enterprise investors, channel investors and other funds channels, and responsible for the establishment, maintenance and management of customer relations.


4. 根據資金狀況與需求,制訂並實施融資方案並拓展融資管道,內部融資安排,合理進行資金分析和調配,以組合型基金的建立為主要目標,以大陸國企、央企、固收的私募基金為主要的工作目標 。

According to the financial situation and demand, formulate and implement financing schemes and expand financing channels, internal financing arrangements, make reasonable analysis and allocation of funds, focus on the construction of combined funds, and take the mainland state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and fixed private equity funds as the main objective of the work.


5. 負責融資專案的全過程,對已完成的投融資工作負責進行後續監控、分析、評估、管理。

Responsible for the whole process of financing project, and make follow-up monitoring, analysis, evaluation and management of completed investment and financing work.


6. 有券商承銷工作經驗者優先。

Experience in securities underwriting is preferred.



1. 擁有經濟金融或相關學科的學歷

Bachelor degree or above,majored in economics, finance or related disciplines.

2. 較強的溝通能力及人際關係,主動推薦融資計畫及解決相關問題

Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills. Actively recommend financing plans and solve related problems.

3. 瞭解宏觀經濟和固定收益市場,熟悉境內金融市場

Knowledge of macroeconomic and fixed income markets and familiarity with domestic financial markets.

4. 具有較高的工作積極性,注重細節,有較好的團隊協作能力及獨立工作能力

Have high working enthusiasm, pay attention to detail, have good team working ability and independent working ability.

5. 熟悉相關法規,具有較高的道德標準和職業道德

Familiar with relevant laws and regulations, with high moral standards and professional ethics.

6. 有至少3年以上的融資工作經驗

At least 3 years working experience in financing.


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