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Millennium Capital Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd
in Hong Kong
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Millennium Capital Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd
in Hong Kong
Permanent, Full time
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Oliver Chan • Recruiter
Millennium Capital Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd
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Oliver Chan

We’re looking for outstanding recent graduates to join our Infrastructure team. The Infrastructure team is focused on the broken and the breakable. We obsess over how, when and why things fail. Whenever we see some beautiful new application or service, we immediately think of, and anticipate solutions for, the 1000 ways it can be broken or destroyed! Since no human can stay constantly vigilant, we build automated solutions to fix these problems. We rely on DevOps principles to build systematic pipelines that deliver artifacts free of human error. 

We have extremely wide responsibilities. We cover phones, desktop computers, mobile devices, the network, the datacenter, Linux and Windows servers, operating system internals, application performance tuning, underlying storage, etc. The servers are often virtual, and increasingly hosted by cloud providers like AWS and Google. We are also responsible for big platforms like configuration management (Chef), automation frameworks (Airflow), pipeline automation (Jenkins), containerized workloads (Kubernetes), collaboration tools (like Slack and Email), etc.  

To be successful in Infra, we need thinkers who are prepared to learn all of these areas to a basic level, before eventually diving deep into a few of them. We need people who can come up with new ideas and solutions to hard problems. We need scientists who can take the time to experiment and defend new approaches. We need people who can think bigger - how do things work in an imperfect world, how can we account for failure, how can our apps survive when the world crumbles?  


Principal Responsibilities 

Junior engineers at Millennium start their journey as desktop support engineers. You will work as part of the Tech Support team  to support the firm’s global users. You will work across all areas of technology support, both in the office, in the data center and AWS Cloud. You will learn how to identify when to escalate issues, and work with appropriate global tech teams to resolve problems. You must be able to work independently as needed, but understand how to work well with the wider team.  

As you work on issues, you will be mentored in a wide range of technologies, and problem solving methods. You will be working with a strong team of smart, and hardworking colleagues. As your interests specialize, you will receive advanced training in any area of interest, and you will gain valuable experience of working in IT Infrastructure. As your career at Millennium progresses, opportunities will arise to specialize as an engineer within your new realm of expertise.  


Beneficial Skills (We train from scratch, but these skills would help) 

  • Project management, ownership of problems, and a track record of strong attention to detail.
  • Computer hardware internals - understanding how a computer is put together and how components interact both locally and over a network.
  • Strong familiarity with Windows and/or Linux, ideally with familiarity of a command line shell like BASH or PowerShell.
  • Knowledge of a programming language - ideally Python, Ruby or Golang.
  • Network knowledge. E.g. Understanding how to debug why the internet is slow, beyond rebooting the router!

Qualifications/Skills Required:

  • Degree or Postgraduate holder with Major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Financial Engineering with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and above
  • Great problem solving and analytic skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Flexible in working shifts, e.g. start at 7.00am
Company Overview


Who We Are

Millennium Management is a global investment management firm founded in 1989 that manages approximately $51 billion in assets as of April, 2021. Millennium has more than 3,600 employees with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Over the last 30+ years, our mission has remained constant: to deliver the alternative investment industry’s highest quality returns to our investors, and to maintain a commitment to our principles of integrity, discipline and excellence.

What We Do

We employ a global, multi-strategy investment approach, opportunistically engaging in a broad array of trading and investing strategies across a wide group of diversified managers.

Our specialized divisions have built and continually evolve our core infrastructure platform. This enables our trading teams to pursue their unique investment strategies independently, while operating within one centrally-driven risk and operational framework.

Millennium has differentiated itself from other alternative investment management firms through our consistent ability to generate high quality returns for our investors. Millennium’s unique framework has created what we believe to be a sustainable and scalable organization aligned in partnership with our investors. Our dedication to our mission has defined Millennium as an industry leader over our 30+ year history.


Our firm harnesses the entrepreneurial drive of our people, and we strive to employ among the best in the industry. We offer an opportunity for developing one’s career while working with individuals trained in a variety of disciplines in a collegial and dynamic environment.

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