Digital – Content Automation – Full Stack engineer Digital – Content Automation – Full Stack engineer …

in Paris, Ile-de-France
Permanent, Full time
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in Paris, Ile-de-France
Permanent, Full time
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Digital – Content Automation – Full Stack engineer
Role/Department Description:
Content Engineering department is responsible for all data collection within FactSet as well as making this available to our clients and other departments. The department is looking into fostering cloud infrastructure and technologies to revamp the processes and leverage the Datalake concept as a unique storage for all acquired/extracted documents to source all collection systems whatever their core content. The team aims at providing web UIs, APIs and services to feed the datalake, to browse its contents in a structured way but also to cross check and data mine any valuable information that would be tagged already of interest for another content. This will ultimately allow for better material and servicing for cognitive computing, data analysis and data collection processes to filter, select and extract other metadata. The team you'll join is responsible for transversal tools building and helping other development teams into migrating into the new web based paradigm we want to push forward.

Our department is looking into modernizing its collection tools stack as part of the backend revamp already in motion.
One of the key goals is to move from stand alone tools to a new stateful or stateless depending on cases to provide same level of services through a web based UI. Part of the challenges will be to participate to the infrastructure thinking and building for stateful apps but also to leverage our ad-hoc mix of python and JS tools to enhance our clients experience.
We're looking for an experienced software engineer with proven proficiency in development and deployment of software adhering to best practices and with fluency in the development environment and with related tools (git, aws, python, java script), code libraries and systems.
As we evolve in an agile and devops environments, some experience or at least adhesion to those concepts would be appreciated.
A good sense of constructive criticism Is very welcome and some code review skills more than welcome.

  • Join a team of talented developers aiming at providing UIs, Apps, APIs and python packages around the data lake
  • Implement new webservices and stateful or stateless apps with python backend and JavaScript front end
  • Help create and design the required cloud architecture and framework to support at scale those services
  • Propagate knowledge and new services features across the other development teams

Required Skills:
  • Strong experience and proficiency with Python, JavaScript (although not the core of our daily work), Pandas, Numpy and AWS APIs
  • Experience with client server architectures, serverless apps and stateless apps, if possible stateful apps with web UI
  • Experience in cloud technologies, specifically AWS
  • Proven ability to adapt to changes in requirements and learn new tools and practices where needed
  • Ability to contribute to code review feedback for other engineers and contribute to forward design ideas
  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers within the organization

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