Client Care Executive, Personal Clients Client Care Executive, Personal Clients …

Standard Chartered Bank
in Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
Permanent, Full time
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Standard Chartered Bank
in Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
Permanent, Full time
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Standard Chartered Bank
Client Care Executive, Personal Clients
About Standard Chartered
We are a leading international bank focused on helping people and companies prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

To us, good performance is about much more than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours - do the right thing, better together and never settle - as well as our brand promise, Here for good.

We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating an inclusive and flexible culture - one where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base.

Scope of the Role:
  • The primary purpose of this position is to support the handling of Client contacts received through inbound telephone calls.
  • 透过客户来电,支援及处理客户的查询为此职位之主要目的
Key Responsibilities/Challenges:
主要責任 :

Sales and Service Delivery
  • To ensure professional, efficient and quality service to Clients.
  • 确保提供专业,有效率及高素质的服务给客户确保提供专业,有效率及高素质的服务给客户
  • To accept and execute Client instructions.
  • 接受和执行客户指示
  • To ensure efficient problem and complaint resolution.
  • 确保有效地解决客户的疑问和投诉
  • To cross-sell additional Bank products and services.
  • 交互销售银行的附加产品和服务
  • To capture Client feedback for future improvement.
  • 为改善日后服务,收取客户意见
  • To capture the nature of Client contacts.
  • 纪录客户致电原因及处理安排
  • To perform attrition gating.
  • 保留客户,减低流失
  • To meet productivity standard.
  • 达致效率标准
  • To acquire product knowledge and service skill through staff briefing and coaching from Team Manager
  • 从上司的训练和员工简报中,吸取产品知识和服务技巧
  • Probe & identify financial needs on service calls and pitch relevant solutions in line with client charter.
  • 尝试探索客户需求/财务需要并提供相应的解决方案
  • Ensure all sales pitches are made without mis-selling
  • 确保所提供的一切销售行为绝非误导性销售
  • Use S2S palette to identify eligibility and register dispositions for analysis
  • 透过交叉销售工具以确立为可作销售之客户并记录客户意向以用作分析所用
Nature of Transactions
  • To answer Client enquiries
  • 解答客户查询
  • To execute Client instructions and requests
  • 执行/处理客户指示或要求
  • To handle Client complaint
  • 处理客户投诉
Risk Management
  • To ensure that control procedures outlined in the Contact Centre Manual or DOI are fully implemented and ensure staff compliance with the same. ( for Managers or Officers)
  • 确保概述于呼叫中心手册或DOI中的控制程序被充份得当地使用和确保员工遵从以上守则。(适用于经理或高级职员)
  • To comply with the control requirements in the laid down procedures or Manual relevant to your job responsibilities in the Contact Centre. (for all levels of staff)
  • 遵守与你在呼叫中心工作职责的相关程序及控制的要求。(适用于所有级别职员)
  • To comply with all applicable money laundering prevention procedures and, in particular, report any suspicious activity to the Unit Money Laundering Prevention Officer and line manager. (for all levels of staff)
  • 遵守所有适用的反洗黑钱程序,尤其是向反洗黑钱专责职员和直属上司报告任何可疑活动。(适用于经理或高级职员)
  • To comply with all relevant policies and procedures covering regulatory, local and group requirements. (for all levels of staff)
  • 遵守所有相关的政策和程序,包括所有监管规条,本地及集团的要求。(适用于所有级别职员)
Selection Criteria:
  • College graduate or above
  • 中学或以上
  • With customer service or sales working experience preferable, potential fresh Graduate with major in Finance / Management / English or other related are welcome as well.
  • 具客户服务或推销工作经验优先,欢迎主修金融/管理/英文或其它相关课程之应届大学毕业生
  • Excellent in Cantonese and English speaking
  • 流利广东话及英语
  • Good command of both oral and written English , those who passed CET-4 or CET are preferable
  • 良好读写英语能力,CET-4或CET-6合格优先
  • Proficiency in computer usage
  • 熟悉电脑
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • 善于处理人际关系及良好沟通技巧
  • Able to work under pressure & willing to take challenges
  • 能承受工作压力并勇于接受挑战
  • Sound working attitude with strong drive
  • 具有主动并良好的工作态度

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