• Competitive
  • Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • 2019-06-15

Business Planning Officer

  • Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Job Type: Full time

Business Planning Officer

About Standard Chartered
We are a leading international bank focused on helping people and companies prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

To us, good performance is about much more than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours - do the right thing, better together and never settle - as well as our brand promise, Here for good.

We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating an inclusive and flexible culture - one where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base.

Scope of the Role:
  • Provide support to Associate Director in performing daily routine within the Client Care Centre.
  • 在客户服务中心为直属经理提供日常工作支援
Key Responsibilities/Challenges:
主要 :

  • Identify & maximize business prospects and cross-selling opportunities and maintaining close contact with other departments in the bank.
  • 识别 并最大化 业务 前景和交叉 销 售机会,并与以及 银 行其他部 门 保持密切 联 系
  • Provide support between the cross teams in developing more cross-selling opportunities.
  • 在不同 团队 之 间 提供 支援,以开 发 更多的交叉 销 售机会
  • Attend team meeting and participates in developing creative solutions to solve problems and workflow streamlining.
  • 参加 团队 会 议 并参与 讨论创 造性解决方案,以解决 问题 和 简 化工作流程
  • Support Associate Director to provide MI, PowerPoint for Business presentation.
  • 在商 业报 告 时 , 为 直属 经 理提供分析的数据、演示文稿
  • Undertaking special projects / assignments
  • 执 行特殊工作安排
  • To maintain cordial relationship with internal partners.
  • 与内部同事保持良好的关系

Risk Management
风险 管理

  • To ensure that control procedures outlined in the Contact Centre Manual or DOI are fully implemented and ensure staff compliance with the same. ( for Managers or Officers)
  • 确保概述于呼叫中心手册或 DOI 中的控制程序被充份得当地使用和确保 员 工遵从以上守 则 。 适用于 经 理或高 级职员 )
  • To comply with the control requirements in the laid down procedures or Manual relevant to your job responsibilities in the Contact Centre. (for all levels of staff)
  • 遵守与你在呼叫中心工作 职责 的相关程序及控制的要求。(适用于所有 级别职员 )
  • To comply with all applicable money laundering prevention procedures and, in particular, report any suspicious activity to the Unit Money Laundering Prevention Officer and line manager. (for all levels of staff)
  • 遵守所有适用的反洗黑 钱 程序,尤其是向反洗黑 钱专责职员 和直属上司 报 告任何可疑活 动 。( 适用于 经 理或高 级职员 )
  • To comply with all relevant policies and procedures covering regulatory, local and group requirements. (for all levels of staff)
  • 遵守所有相关的政策和程序,包括所有 监 管 规 条,本地及集 团 的要求。(适用于所有 级别职员 )

Selection Criteria:

  • Bachelor graduate or above
  • 学士学位或以上
  • Excellent speaking in Cantonese speaking
  • 流利广 东话
  • Good command of both oral & written English, those who passed CET-6 or TEM-8 are required
  • 良好 读 写英 语 能力,需要通 过 大学英 语 6 级 或 专业 英 语 8 级
  • Be well versed in Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited product offerings of all products: Credit Cards, Savings Account, Current Account, Time Deposit, Mortgage, Personal Loan
  • 熟悉渣打 银 行 产 品,包括信用卡, 储 蓄 户 口,活期 户 口,定期存款,按揭,私人 贷 款
  • With client service or Bank working experience preferable
  • 有客 戶 服 务 或 银 行工作 经验 者 优 先考 虑
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication ability to deal with people of all levels in complex and challenging situations.
  • 良好的人 际处 理能力,能 够 在不同的情况下与各 级 同事沟通 处 理 问题
  • Aggressive, able to work under pressure, and with high team spirit
  • 进 取,能承受工作 压 力及具 团队 精神

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