• Competitive
  • Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • 2019-04-21

Assistant Operations Manager, ASU (ITO SZ)

  • Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Job Type: Full time

Assistant Operations Manager, ASU (ITO SZ)

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Scope of role:

Ø Processing of all Account Service related documents efficiently and accurately and liaison between customers and Hub Centre to deliver efficient services to clients.
处理所有与帐户服务部相关的业务,联系客户与后台操作中心,为客户提供优质服务 .
Ø To fully observe the current policies, operations procedures, service standard and regulations requirements when processing transactions.

Key / R esponsibilities/Challenges

Ø Strictly follow Account Service DOI and JD, ensure the implementation of internal policy and compliance of regulatory requirements.
严格遵守帐户服务部内控制度和岗位职责 , 确保国家法律规定和内部规章制度的贯彻执行。
Ø Timely and accurate resolution to all customer enquiries on Account Service and products.
Ø Act as "single window" into our ASU transaction and services.
Ø To maintain quality standards to ensure our services for above mentioned products, meets customers' total needs, and that continued effort is made to exceed customer's expectation.
Ø Ensure day to day running EOD recon and post monitoring activities, guided by department operating instructions, guidelines, policies and standards set.
Ø To finish the product related returns in time. Establish statistic and filing procedure, ensure the accuracy and integrity of original records, contracts and other materials.
检查并及时完成相关报表 , 建立完整的会计 , 统计和业务档案 , 确保原始记录 , 合同和各种资料的真实完整。
Ø To ensure the maker/checker mechanism is strictly followed on each regulatory report.
Ø To provide support and monitor investigation cases handled by Hub Centre, through satisfactory resolution with the customer.
Ø To be aware and identify opportunities for cross selling the Bank's products.
Ø To be responsible for account related entry/deal input checking, ensure the effective control of risks through proper authority mechanism.
负责相关交易复核 , 遵守分级授权机制 , 确保业务按风险程度得到有效控制。
Ø Help vet suspicious money laundering cases, where necessary, before sending them to Country Money Laundering Prevention Officer.
Ø Daily work must comply with the Money Laundering Prevention Requirement and the Code of Conduct.
Ø Shall be alert at all times to unusual or possible suspicious customer activity, and should report promptly any suspicious activity.
Ø Periodically to do CRM and KCSA self-assessment of daily processing, escalate according to acceptable risk threshold.
Ø Periodically to do job rotation and take mandatory leave as per annual leave policy.
Ø B e familiar with BCP plan and test periodically.
熟识部门业务应急预案 , 并参与定期的测试。
Ø Attend and finish internal and external training to be skilled and qualified for the job.
参加并完成银行内外部的各项培训 , 使之具备胜任本岗位的专业知识和技能。
Ø Safe keep and register business chops/key, user Id password and critical vouchers, follow handover policy.
妥善保管业务用章 / 钥匙 , 操作密码和重要凭证 , 办好交接和登记手续。
Ø Processing relevant transactions and performing specific duties (e.g. reconciliation, regulatory reporting, callbacks, scanning, etc.) guided by the departmental operating instructions, guidelines, policies and standards set.
Ø To perform call back as per the requirements and threshold of updated DOI 。
根据最新 DOI 要求对交易指令进行电话确认。
Ø To perform signature verification (SV) for transaction as per requirements and threshold of updated DOI 。
根据最新 DOI 要求对交易指令进行印鉴核对。
Ø Periodically Back Up other clerk job within in branch operation if related concerned party is not available.
在银行营运部其他单位的相关 同事 不在时,定期替补其他相关工作。

Qualifications & Skills
Ø Bachelor degree or above
Ø Knowledge in PBOC/SAFE/CBRC regulations
中国人民银行 / 国家外汇管理局 / 中国银行业监督管理委员会法规的了解
Ø Good knowledge and experience on operations of Account Service is preferred.
帐户服务部 方面良好知识 .
Ø Creativeness in generating constructive new ideas
Ø Organizing skills and Interpersonal skills
Ø Good command of both written and spoken English

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