• Negotiable
  • Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Standard Chartered Bank China
  • 12 Oct 17

Senior Corpoate Partnership Manager - Shanghai

  • Location: Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Job Type: Full time

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Key Responsibilities/Challenges:

1. Implementing Alliance Acquisition Strategy
  • Support China Retail Banking management office to implement alliances/corporate partners for organic and inorganic growth.
  • Support CN Retail Banking strategically deploy CVP and strategies to acquire clients across various business segments from alliances/corporate partners
  • Manage alliance/corporate partners acquisition project enablers (across system, process, sales resources) to be executed and pilot launched in China
  • Support sales and channel heads and alliances/corporate partners to acquire quality retail clients
  • Leverage alliance/corporate partners referrals effectively to acquire quality retail clients
  • Leverage alliance/corporate partners network to acquire retail client relationships
  • Design and arrange enablers and campaigns to acquire retail clients from alliances & Corporate Partners
  • Prepare alliance offers & campaign scripts
  • Deploy and work with Retail Business Network, Client Acquisition & Business Banking Teams on retail banking client acquisition protocols
  • Optimize alliance offers & dovetail to Business segment CVP
  • Manage alliance project processes and programmes, ensuring client experience is maximized
  • Understand market dynamics (from client to product perspective) & business dynamics of High Value Segment (across acquisition, portfolio revenue/ footing/ PPC (Product Per Client), relationship outflow/ leakage, attrition, sales/service model, sales productivity, etc) to formulate bulk acquisition business model and acquisition strategy in China
  • Quantify business case for strategic planning

2. Participate Retail Clients revenue agenda implementation & formulate business models to support alliance/Corp partners bulk acquisition
* Work with stakeholders to optimize productivity, improve retail banking NTB & uplift client satisfaction
* Business models include:
1. Client bulk acquisition channel and engagement model
2. RM productivity & servicing model
3. Portfolio quality & product penetration by sub segmentation
4. Alliance leads assignment, management or reshuffling
5. Handshaking process between alliance acquisition and various business sales teams
* Monitoring, tracking, and refining the business models for quantifying resources & model effectiveness

3. Collaborate initiatives to enhance frontline productivity of Alliance/Corporate Partners client base
  • Collaborate initiatives & develop enablers from segment perspective to enhance frontline productivity for retail banking business
  • Manage alliance/corporate partner's client on-boarding risks such as AML/CDD risks while broadening cross selling opportunities
  • Streamline and simplify alliance/corporate partners client on-boarding processes such as digital online leads acquisition & CASA Type II account opening
  • Enhance digital online referral enablers, including scripts, documentation, alliances CVP knowledge and expertise
  • Improve collaborations with alliances/corporate partners to capture more retail banking clients opportunities
  • Enrich alliance/corporate partners experience with our existing digital and/or frontline platforms and reinforcing digital enablers for alliances/corporate partners client engagement
  • Sharpen focus on needs and solutions for alliance/corporate partner's clients acquisition by providing enablers such as relevant retail banking , wealth management market news and local solutions for alliance product or services gaps
  • Other productivity enablers can include:
    • alliance acquisition campaign solution
    • Product / bundle solution
    • End-to-end client engagement model by deploying people and channels
    • Need-based conversation, sales/pitching angles, sales flow
    • Productivity enablers shall achieve the following:
    • Drive sales revenue
    • Wealth penetration

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