• Competitive
  • Beijing, Beijing Shi, China
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • 2019-04-19

Assistant Operations Manager, ASU (ITO, BJ)

  • Location: Beijing, Beijing Shi, China
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Job Type: Full time

Assistant Operations Manager, ASU (ITO, BJ)

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Scope of Role

  • To ensure smoothly operations for ASU of Beijing Branch.
  • To take overall responsibilities of management and supervision on the operational, systems and staffing issues of ASU of Beijing Branch.
  • To follow up with relevant DOI, "Regulatory Reporting Procedure Approach Guideline" and regulation to prepare and submit the regulatory reporting.
  • To perform periodically self assessment on regulatory reporting.
  • Up-front prevent money laundering when execute transaction one by one as per Group/China MLP policy and report any suspicious transaction to risk monitoring team. Ensure money laundering related requirements are incorporated into procedures; cascade money laundering related information to unit staff; act as the trainer on money laundering training; assist VC/Support heads in compliance monitoring on money laundering related requirements; help vet suspicious money laundering cases, Where necessary, before sending them to Country MLPOs.
  • 确保北京分行账户服务部运作顺畅
  • 对北京分行账户服务部有关操作、系统和人员方面的问题负有全面管理和监督的责任
  • 遵守监管机构报表相关流程及各项法规,按要求准备及提交监管机构报表
  • 定期自查监管机构报表
  • 按照集团反洗钱要求,及时报告可疑交易,确保分行处理的业务符合我行反洗钱规定,担任反洗钱方面的各项培训、向营运部工作人员及时传递反洗钱信息

Key Responsibilities/Challenges

  • To perform BAU process, i.e. SV according to procedure requirement, release transactions in process flow systems, etc.
  • To ensure operations in ASU are in accordance with the established policies, operations procedures, service standard and risk mitigation requirements.
  • To monitor daily transactions are all approved and processed timely and accurately and daily reconciliation is completed at day end.
  • To control and enhance efficiency and quality as per job objective in transaction processing and maintain an end to end smooth and stable operations platform on ASU of Beijing branch.
  • To ensure operations running under ASU in compliance with regulatory requirements/guidelines.
  • To ensure timely and accurately submission all reports to regulators and Head Office.
  • To provide proper support to project team on development and implementation on systems and new initiatives.
  • To ensure all team staffs are provided proper training, included but not limited to induction course, job related policies, operations procedures, regulations, systems and management skills for specific staffs if any.
  • To ensure all ASU products are processed within agreed Service Level Agreement.
  • To provide ASU advice to customer and sales team, coordinate with Hub center and sales team to solve the irregular cases.
  • To comply with the Money Laundering Prevention Policy/Guideline/Procedure and the Code of Conduct.
  • To be alert at all times to unusual or possibly suspicious customer activity and report promptly any suspicious activity to Business Money Laundering Prevention Officer (BMLPO) and line manager as well as Country MLPO if considered necessary.
  • To ensure the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of regulatory reports. To ensure the maker/checker mechanism is strictly followed on each regulatory report. To report, correct and resubmit any error identified
  • To conduct periodical self assessment utilizing existing tools provided. To perform periodically errors analysis and review, ensure the same mistake not repeated
  • Other duties assigned
  • 根据流程要求进行日常操作,如核实印鉴 , 放行影像等
  • 确保账户服务部的操作符合现行的政策、操作流程、服务标准和风险控制要求
  • 监督并确保每天的交易得到及时准确的审批和处理 , 以及每天收工前完成对当天交易的核对
  • 按照年度工作目标控制和提高员工业务操作的效率和质量,使账户服务部从交易开始到结束保持稳定顺畅的操作平台
  • 确保账户服务部的操作符合监管机构的要求和指引
  • 确保账户服务部及时和准确地递交监管机构和总行的报表
  • 对总行系统开发和维护的项目部门提供适当地支持
  • 确保账户服务部的员工得到适当的培训 , 包括但并不限于入职培训、与员工工作有关的政策、操作流程、法规、系统操作和给予特定员工的管理技巧的培训 ;
  • 确保所有账户服务部业务在规定的时限内准确完成
  • 为客户经理和客户提供账户服务相关业务的资讯,与天津营运中心合作解决特殊业务
  • 严格遵守反洗钱政策、指引、操作流程和员工行为守则
  • 随时对不正当的和可能的可疑客户保持警惕,如果认为必要,及时向业务反洗钱主管、分行营运部主管和国家反洗钱主管报告任何可疑交易
  • 确保监管机构报表的准确性、及时性及完整性,确保监管机构报表均有操作 / 复核双人控制,对有错误的监管机构报表,及时上报、更正并重新提交
  • 利用银行现有工具定期自查监管机构报表,定期对监管机构报表错误进行分析及回顾,确保不犯相同的错误
  • 其他分配的任务

Selection Criteria

    University degree or equivalent /above;
  • Broad knowledge of general banking and banking products
  • Deeply working/practical knowledge and experience on operations of Account Service;
  • Ability to work independently under pressure with initiative and self-motivated;
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of regulatory requirements;
  • Strong communications and management skills;
  • Good command of Putonghua (including written Chinese) and English;
  • Sound knowledge in MS office
  • 大学本科或以上学历;
  • 广泛的银行业务知识和银行产品知识;
  • 深入的账户服务部知识和操作经验;
  • 能独立并主动具有自我激励地能力在压力下工作;
  • 熟悉监管机构的法规和要求;
  • 具有较强的沟通和管理能力;
  • 熟练掌握普通话(包括书面)和英语 ;
  • 能熟练运用 MS office 软件

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