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Attentif au bien-être des quelques 1.400 hommes et femmes qui composent le groupe - principalement en France et en Belgique - , soucieux de se montrer digne de la garantie des Etats belge et français, Dexia SA est engagé depuis 2011 dans un plan de démantèlement validé par la Commission européenne fin décembre 2012.

Groupe bancaire et financier européen, prêteur historique sur le marché du financement du secteur public local, Dexia gère aujourd'hui les encours de ses clients ainsi que son portefeuille d'actifs à long terme de bonne qualité.

En France, Dexia Crédit Local mène une politique active de désensibilisation des crédits au secteur public local.

Choisir notre entreprise et partager ses objectifs, c'est enrichir votre parcours professionnel d'une expérience humaine inédite ; rejoignez-nous !

Location: 3 days a week in Amsterdam, 2 days a week in Brussels
Reporting to the Dexia Nederland CEO and the Dexia Nederland Board to manage and execute the global activities of Dexia Nederland. In particular, you manage the investment portfolio and the active share lease contracts, you monitor the ongoing litigations and update the legal provision, you control, verify and execute the legal and contractual payments, you manage the IT system and the general office administration in NL and the logistics.
Note since Dexia Nederland is a wind down organisation with 1-2 employees, the administration manager will have to personally carry out all tasks. The tasks involved are clerical, administrative as well as managerial. The person willing to take the role has to be “flexible” in ensuring everything is done in relation to the NL operation and the below is a non – exhaustive list of the tasks.
- Investment portfolio: within the investment guideline policy, you ensure sufficient liquidity and optimize the return;  you search for new investment opportunities; you proactively propose changes to the investment policy and defend them towards the one Tier board of DNL and, when required, to the Dutch National Bank.
-   Litigation management: you monitor the evolution of the litigations, you ensure the coordination between all legal teams involved (Dexia Group legal, USG first instance, lawyers at Court of Appeal and Supreme Court lawyers) and support the decision making on the global strategy; you update the legal provision. You challenge, evaluate, maintain, monitor and update on a line by line basis the legal database with case evidence and update it when needed. This task for the avoidance of doubt will encompass clerical duties in response to claim process management.
- Payments: you verify the correctness individual indemnity payments (avoiding double payments, allocation of past indemnities), you organize collective indemnity payments so as to limit future litigations and legal interest rates, you check the payments to the contracts; you manage the Dutch black list “BKR registratie”. This task for the avoidance of doubt will encompass clerical duties in response to claim process management and will have to be carried out on a day to day basis.
- Business continuity: you ensure the overall daily business continuity. You take care of the documentation of critical tasks; you make sure that the IT system and all other administration and logistics are operational.
- Reporting and business control: you support the local and group accounting teams. You make the regulatory reportings to the Dutch National Bank. When required, you interact directly with the external accountants and the regulator. You monitor the annual budget.

Profil recherché :

University degree (law, accounting, finance)
2 to 4 years experience in banking.
Experience in investment management, project management is an asset
Languages: fluent in  Dutch and good knowledge of English
Personal skills: 
- Strong communication skills and team work are important
- Multi-disciplinary attitude: ability to work on various domains
- Willingness to learn and adapt