AVP, Supply Chain Finance (SCF), Trade Product, Transaction Banking, Wholesale Banking Core Region AVP, Supply Chain Finance (SCF), Trade Product,  …

Arab Banking Corporation
in Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 18 Jun 19
Arab Banking Corporation
in Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 18 Jun 19
Job Purpose:

Reporting to the Head of Trade Product, to lead the complete design, robust build and implementation with controlled roll-out across the group, of a superior and market leading supply chain finance (SCF) product/client solutioning proposition. Also support, as required, the Head of Trade Product on any aspects of Trade Product/Business Management globally.

For the SCF aspect of the role, the key responsibilities will include (but not limited to);

  • the composition of the product/business strategy encompassing all regions and build of a thorough product delivery framework, e.g. definition & structuring tenets, documentation, pricing thresholds/structure, client/supplier on-boarding process, solution operational delivery and implementation framework covering all key aspects (front to back) - to deliver a fully-fledged SCF client proposition.
  • building a robust SCF product delivery infrastructure to ensure a world class SCF solution delivered to clients in a consistent manner across the group i.e. across multiple geographies, to comprehensive and industry leading standards
  • managing and partnering with chosen vendor in building a fully digitized & holistic end to end SCF client delivery channel to set timelines and budget, including front end client platform and interface with internal product processors plus integral down-stream reporting into relevant credit, financial and regulatory systems/reporting requirements
  • building a seamless, complete, efficient and client sensitive SCF supplier onboarding model and related requirements  
  • working with functional partners on developing SCF product parameters and risk acceptance criteria, including Credit, Risk, Compliance, Tax/Finance, Legal re documentation, Operations for program delivery processes and related controls
  • continued product innovation, working with clients and internal stakeholders to identify, structure and develop roll-out plan and opportunities and evolving the SCF product proposition to the next level as a market leader/differentiator
  • continued focus across multiple parameters to enhance client SCF offering; ranging from client engagement, implementations model, product governance and reporting e.g. leading the response to any events impacting the product such as changes in tax regulations, ensuring latest revisions to accounting standards are reflected in the SCF roadmap/plan and strategy
  • facilitate conversion of potential mandates/programs by leading kick off discussions with clients, ensuring support from internal partners, ensuring clients see smooth transition from Sales to Product to Implementations and continued top notch post implementation Customer Service and follow up plus due diligence
  • evaluate opportunities proposed by sales/coverage teams and own the structuring and delivery of innovative client solution after thorough internal due diligence, design of strong product structure with internal deal review/relevant approval processes followed and with all relevant approvals in place from appropriate stakeholders
  • provide product support and detailed training to internal partner stakeholders to ensure full origination engine behind the SCF client offering with only the most readily executable opportunities are pursued from outset, which meet internal risk acceptance criteria, pre-defined structuring tenets, return thresholds, etc.

Product Governance; Manage and deliver the SCF product P&L performance and delivery of Budget, detailed portfolio review and ongoing governance, Product paper drafting incl approvals/renewals and gatekeeper of country deviations after review and approvals at HO, Audit pre-preparation and liaison incl self-assessments, deal review and renewals, and overall portfolio management incl risks, controls and sustained overview

Client origination/engagement; lead and guide Sales/Coverage teams in identifying business opportunities, pipeline, co-lead client pitches and own production of best in class marketing materials both internal and for sales pitches (i.e. including tailored client presentations and broader generic marketing materials)

Drive the internal understanding and focus on SCF and related client value proposition, to garner full support of the franchise to grow the business and make SCF another leading, robust and substantial P&L/asset base within GTB and a client solution recognized as top class by internal partners and valued by clients across all regions.

Principal Accountabilities

In terms of the responsibilities required for the successful delivery of the function, the following apply:

Group accountabilities:

  • Contributing to One Bank ABC: As a member of Transaction Banking drive the 'One Bank ABC' strategy, actively facilitating cross border, cross client and cross product collaboration, to deliver a coordinated and seamless 'One-Bank' to the client experience
  • Managing Operational Performance: Plan, manage and control the delivery of your allocated area of responsibility efficiently and effectively, agreeing and reporting on the plans, budgets, resources, KPIs and other management information, to deliver sustainable growth and profitability in line with strategic objectives and risk parameters
  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness: Lead the development and implementation of changes to the Transaction Banking delivery model, encouraging colleagues to continuously identify and embed innovative improvements, that ensure Transaction Banking operates increasingly effectively, efficiently and integrally in line with performance objectives and risk parameters
  • Advancing a High Performance Culture: Facilitate and maintain a high performance, continuous learning and client centered culture, that embraces Bank ABC's values and behaviors, to unite and motivate all staff to perform at their best and strive to deliver sustainable success for Wholesale Banking and Bank ABC

Operational accountabilities:

  • Conducting Research and Analysis: Manage the research and evaluation of factors, trends and best practices in the SCF industry to identify, assess and make appropriate decisions about the SCF product suite that reflect the opportunities and/or threats presented by new and/or emerging developments
  • Executing Marketing Plans: Lead the development and implementation of a SCF marketing plan, actively engaging coverage staff to gain commitment in delivering the plan and provide any necessary sales support and materials, in order to promote Bank ABC capabilities and generate a consistent flow of sales opportunities
  • Providing Technical Support for Products: Lead the development and delivery of materials, guidance, training and support on SCF, ensuring effective communication and dissemination of all appropriate information, so that staff have the necessary technical capability needed to deliver effectively
  • Providing Quality Assurance and Review of Product Operational Processes and Teams:  Oversee the delivery of operational processes and SCF transactions and platforms, ensuring that all activities are being delivered effectively and taking appropriate action where necessary, to improve the efficiency of product and service arrangements
  • Delivering ‘Client to Bank’ and 'Bank to Client' Business: Lead the structuring and execution of SCF transactions, utilizing knowledge of the clients' business, banking needs and decision makers, applying knowledge of Bank ABC's products and value propositions, and working collaboratively with colleagues across Bank ABC, to deliver integrated and risk-balanced 'Client to Bank' and 'Bank to Client' business that meet the needs of new and existing clients in line with all policies, procedures, standards, processes, regulations and risk parameters
  • Managing the Portfolio: Manage the development and implementation of SCF active portfolio management, establishing more profitable relationships with Trade Finance clients, in order to optimize portfolio performance in line with all policies, procedures, standards, processes, regulations and risk parameters

Performance Management

The Group Performance Management and Annual Bonus framework set out the process for reviewing and rewarding performance.  Annual Bonus is based on three elements – Group performance, Unit performance and Individual performance. Detailed Key Performance Indicators (including calculations, sources, baselines etc.) are provided in scorecards, but the underlying performance objectives are set out below.

  • Group Performance is based on one financial objective, to build core Group profits and at the same time encourage top line growth and improve shareholder returns through a targeted focus on ROE.
  • Unit Performance is based on Financial, Strategic and ARC objectives.  The Financial objectives are to grow operating income and improve portfolio profitability.  The Strategic objectives are to optimize clients portfolio; deepen relationships; gather more corporate deposits; and drive more cross-network business.  The ARC objective is to meet the audit, risk and compliance performance requirements as defined globally.   
  • Individual Performance is based on ‘what’ has been delivered and ‘how’ it has been delivered.  The ‘what’ is defined in Annual Objectives.  These are either stretching ways of delivering the Principal Accountabilities or one-off things required in any given year.  The ‘how’ relates to the demonstration of excellent behaviors.  These include excellent team working, application of the Corporate Values (3C’s) and adherence to Risk and Compliance requirements.     

Job Context (Circumstances & environment surrounding the job):

This job involves leading the design, build and roll out of SCF product for Corporate clients.  This is an extremely competitive and challenging environment that requires management qualities and technical skills, combined with high energy, drive and determination.  The jobholder will be contributing to the change agenda, delivering SCF, a new solution to our clients and driving its performance to achieve strategic objectives. The job holder will coach, guide and train partners e.g. team members in product management, sales and coverage.  Leading by example, the jobholder will drive the build of SCF as a best-in-class new client product offering/solution. They will constantly have to adapt to meet challenges head-on and to carve out this new client offering which is a key milestone.

Job Requirements:


  • Excellent understanding of SCF product development and roll out, front to back incl operational delivery, digitization, supplier onboarding, etc. i.e. end to end  
  • Excellent understanding of financial analysis and financial modelling
  • Excellent understanding of risk management and mitigation techniques
  • Excellent understanding of the regulatory environment & obligations in the MENA Region
  • Broad understanding of all Bank ABC products
  • Excellent understanding of marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Excellent understanding of end-to-end product management

Education / Certifications

  • Graduate degree (finance and/or business)


  • Significant post qualification experience in transaction and/or corporate and/or investment banking or related areas (at 10+ years)
  • Successful proven track-record of leading and managing SCF activities in various geographies
  • Successful proven track-record of excellent client relationship management across global corporate organizations especially from an SCF angle
  • Successful proven track-record of delivering stretching business goals in a challenging and changing environment
  • Experience of delivering complex projects involving multiple products and/or geographic groups
  • Experience of developing and executing change

Personal Attributes

  • Excellent organizational & management skills
  • Excellent networking, interpersonal, cross-cultural, communication, and negotiation skills
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent creative and innovative thinking skills
  • Ability to work accurately, under high pressure within fixed and short timeframes
  • Ability to engage and inspire others across organizational boundaries
  • Drive for making things happen
  • Strong business acumen and commercial judgement
  • High integrity and work ethics