Strategic Planning Associate 300K+

  • 300K+
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Spark Investment Management LLC
  • 23 Aug 17

As Strategic Planning Associate, your part in steering our growth will be inventing ways to bring in outstanding new people and connections. This position requires an extraordinarily intelligent person because success in interviewing is an exponential function of intelligence.

Company Description

The next generation in hedge fund management.  For over a decade, our outstanding people, many of whom have PhDs, have been developing the next generation of technologies, ideas, and strategies.  We have been highly successful because of both our technically superior strategies and our brilliant people.  We have a close-knit group, distinguished by their interest in our shared success, half of whom are graduates from Harvard, MIT, and Cornell.  This lucrative synthesis of human and machine cognition in an intellectually rich, supportive environment is at the core of Spark.  We have experience with H-1B and green card sponsorship, and visa status is not a constraint.  All submissions kept confidential.

Job Description

You will scout the rare individuals who will add exceptional value.  This position requires an extraordinarily intelligent person because success in interviewing is an exponential function of intelligence.  Many people here come from an academic background, which is particularly valuable in Strategic Planning because you will need to be at least as smart as those you evaluate.  You will need to understand the costs and benefits of different positions within the company, the technical details, the business goals, and you will need to be creative enough to envision how our firm may develop years in the future. 

In this game of strategy, you need to understand and maneuver amid the moving pieces of information, people, the environments in which we operate, and possibility.  As Strategic Planning Associate, your part in steering our growth will be inventing ways to bring in outstanding new people and connections.  Your contribution will affect every aspect of our growth: from planning our expansion strategy to developing contacts and networking with elite thinkers from generating great leads to evaluating top-tier candidates. 

Many eminent and cerebral people are intrigued by hedge funds and want to know more, especially when there is the possibility of employment.  You’ll engage in stimulating conversation with people you may otherwise not have had the opportunity to know in fields spanning the intellectual gamut.  Whether these interactions form the basis of enduring relationships or help you build a network, you will need to utilize your research skills both to determine with whom you want to speak and how incomparable their achievements really are.

Even in success, there is still more to achieve.  If we want to hire additional quantitative strategists, should we target successful Wall Street analysts, accomplished astrophysics professors, prize-winning math prodigies, or someone completely different?  Once we decide, how do we go about finding these high-caliber people?  You will bring your unparalleled intellectual stamina and determination to our goal of bringing the right top-notch people to our firm as we continue to grow.  No matter what honors the candidates have achieved, they will need your stamp of approval to move forward in the recruiting process.

As part of an experienced group, the Strategic Planning Associate will hone the single most important management skill: putting together a successful team.  Starting compensation is strong for this high-visibility position and so is the upside potential for someone whose efforts find the hires that will move our hedge fund forward.  Finding geniuses requires brilliance: you’ll develop the roster of concepts, strategies, and contacts to maintain our competitive advantage. 

Job Qualifications

Intelligence is paramount in this elite role.  We will consider exceptional candidates from a variety of backgrounds.  For PhDs, your success in a top program is likely to have honed the intellectual firepower and excellent communication skills we require. 

If you’d be intrigued by the challenge of putting together a team of brilliant individuals to reduce traffic in Manhattan or to protect sea life from oil spills, send us your resume.  Your projects as Strategic Planning Associate are just as stimulating, your work more lucrative, and your goals more tangible.  The most important factors for success are your exceptional intelligence, desire for insight into human nature, and ability to interact with those who have achieved eminence in a broad range of fields. 

To stand out amongst many highly qualified candidates, you may want to submit a cover letter detailing your two greatest intellectual accomplishments and what stood out about them to you.  When you submit your resume, please include your GPAs and standardized test scores.  Anything you send in may be used by Spark for any purpose, so PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING THAT IS PROPRIETARY TO ANY PERSON.