Risk Analytics Associate

  • Competitive
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Grove Capital Management Limited
  • 22 Sep 16

Grove Capital Management  is  a  young  fintech  business  focused  on  analytics  and  asset  management   platforms  in  the  specialty  finance  sector.  We  are  currently  looking  for  an Associate  with  3-­‐5  years  relevant   experience  to  join  our  team  and  help  us  deliver  attractive  returns  on  our  managed  funds.  

Overview  of  The  Role:

Grove Capital Management  is  a  young  fintech  business  focused  on  analytics  and  asset  management   platforms  in  the  specialty  finance  sector.  We  are  currently  looking  for  an Associate  with  3-­‐5  years  relevant   experience  to  join  our  team  and  help  us  deliver  attractive  returns  on  our  managed  funds.  Our  Associates   lead  analytical  teams  in  all  parts  of  our  business  from  deal  evaluation  to  asset  management  combining   data  analysis,  business  knowledge  and  pragmatism  to  rapidly  make  and  execute  intelligent  business   decisions.  We  are  looking  for  candidates  with  proven  analytical  credentials  who  relish  working  with  speed   and  efficiency  under  pressure  to  solve  business  problems.  



Role,  Responsibilities & Tools:   

Evaluation  and  pricing  of  distressed  consumer  debt  portfolio  by:  

  • Oversee  the  manipulation  (and  translation)  of  large  diverse  data  sets  data  into  structured,   standardised  data  fit  for  analysis  in  a  programmatic  manner
  • Attend  on-­‐site  due  diligence  throughout  the  UK  and  Europe  (Spain  focus)  
  • Using  analytical  models  in  conjunction  with  other  available  datasets  and  integrative  thinking   to  draw  sensible  conclusions  and  make  recommendations  to  senior  management

Pan-­‐European  portfolio  asset  management:

  • Portfolio  performance  management  analysis  through  Management  Information  development   and  investigative  variance  analysis
  • Collaboration  with  operational  teams  to  design  and  execute  analytically  led  test  and  learn   experiments  to  improve  and  optimise  portfolio  performance  

In  delivering  the  role  you  will  develop  an  expert  level  skill  set:

  • Advanced   user  skills  across   SQL,  R,  Excel  and  other  industry  standard  tools  to  extract   information  and  insight  from  large  data  sets
  • Concise  and  confident  ability  to  communicate  analytical  conclusions  and  recommendations  to   peers,  finance  /  investor  stakeholders  and  senior  management  through  written  and  verbal   channels
  • Structuring  and  managing  the  delivery  of  analytical  work  through  others  to  business  deadlines    



Skills  & Experience:

  •  3-­‐5+  years  relevant  experience  working  in  an  analytically  led  business  ideally  within  a  financial   services  credit  risk  function
  • Numerical  degree  (i.e.  mathematics,  science,  engineering  or  economics)  from  a  top  tier  university.   Results  equivalent  to  a  UK  2:1  or  above  or  international  equivalent
  • Strong  numerical  A  levels  (min.  grade  A  mathematics  or  international  equivalent)
  • Significant  extracurricular  achievements
  • European  languages  are  beneficial,  especially  Spanish,  Italian  or  Portuguese    



Key  Competencies:     

  • Quantitative  analysis:  Able  to  use  data  and  conduct  analysis  to  reach  accurate  quantified  solutions  to   problems  
  • Creativity:  Able  to  make  pragmatic  decisions  and  reach  sensible  conclusions  from  incomplete  or   alternative  data  
  • Communication:  Able  to  articulate  complex  concepts  concisely  and  in  simple  terms  to  both  technical   and  non  technical  audiences  
  • Collaboration:  Able  to  quickly  understand  the  needs  of  and  integrate  into  a  highly  driven  and   professional  working  environment  
  • Delivery:  Able  to  maintain  perspective  of  business  goals  at  all  times  and  manage  others  to  meet   business  goals  especially  under  pressure  



Successful Candidates:

  • You will be a strong team player, ready for manager level responsibility and able to share knowledge and contribute ideas
  • Relish working within an entrepreneurial environment, solving business problems with speed and efficiency
  • React well to challenging circumstances and fluid priorities
  • Maintain a strong awareness of client and regulatory concerns, whilst striving for an optimal commercial outcome



Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to get back to everyone. However, if successful, you will hear back from us by 20th October 2016.