Project Manager - Brexit

  • Negotiable
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Contract, Full time
  • HSBC Bank plc
  • 19 Sep 17

Project Manager for Brexit Programme

What is the Project?

Under the Programme, HSBC will transfer UK Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM) and UK Commercial Banking (CMB) to a new ring-fenced bank (RFB), HSBC UK. UK GPB (HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limited (PBGB)) will remain as a separate entity within the ring-fenced bank sub-group. M&S Bank will also operate as a separate entity within the ring-fence bank.

Role Responsibilities

  1. Project Manager for Global Banking, to ensure all Earth and Moon (UK Structural Reform Act) impacts to products and services used by Global Banking are clearly understood and managed. Furthermore, ensuring correct product line engagement is involved in key reviews, decision making and approvals, and that any product and service offering changes are articulated back to the Global Banking RM community.
  2. Supports the programme management with impact assessment for change requests on design, scope, time, budget or effort on programme plan and provides accurate estimates for handlingnew requirements, design changes and scope
  3. Works with the Central PMO to support necessary governance standards and controls of the conduct programme
  4. Support Programme or Workstream leads in identifying and assessing Risks/Issues, delivering solutions and feeding into the reporting framework using relevant documentation
  5. Utilises financial skills to develop a high level business case, considering investment and high level benefits (where required)

E&M Business coordination limited to all products and services used by GB, consisting of:

  • Capital Financing (Structured Finance, ECM (Equity Capital Markets) and DCM (Debt Capital Markets))
  • Global Markets - This will be via the Earth and Moon Global Markets POC
  • HSS (HSBC Security Services) - This will be via the Earth and Moon HSS POC
  • GLCM (Global Liquidity and Cash Management)
  • GTRF (Global Trade and Receivable Finance)

Skills Required

  1. Solid Project Management skills gathered through past experience of managing successful deliveries. Financials, risk/issue management, progress tracking, project planning.
  2. Employs an improvement mindset to identify and define issues or problems that are less obvious; participates actively and constructively in brainstorming meetings where problems are discussed and/or resolved
  3. Brings structure and order to undefined problems and/or large scale problems, making them easier to address and solve
  4. Uses systemic thinking and creativity in devising solution options
  5. Evaluates relative costs, benefits and obstacles of potential solutions before implementing
  6. Articulates or translates complex information in clear, meaningful and structured way to suit audience
  7. Understands the Group's priorities, business drivers, competitors and competitive strategy to help drive strategically aligned solutions, considering aspects of risk/reward.
  8. Questions small-scale business decisions that do not demonstrate alignment to the Group's commercial strategy
  9. Anticipates issues and risks and acts to mitigate these quickly; handles any unforeseen roadblocksswiftly and effectively
  10. Thinks ahead to identify potential risks to service or performance and deals with them proactively; effectively manages review processes to identify quality issues early
  11. Builds effective working relationships with analysis and design teams in our delivery partners and works well with external
  12. Employes strong facilitation skills e.g. requirements workshops