• London, England, United Kingdom
  • Competitive
  • Part time
  • Self Employed, Part time
  • 18 Sep 17

8 Steps to owning your own Hedge Fund


    STEP 1: Enrol in our Fixi Select Program by applying for this role.
    STEP 2: Create a trading record and open an account which we can monitor.
    STEP 3: Meet our trading performance criteria
    STEP 4: Receive $500,000 seed capital from Fixi
    STEP 5: Trade successfully and receive 25% of profits – no downside
    STEP 6: Create full marketing profile including personal profile, trading strategy description, and risk management approach
    STEP 7: Introduction to new investors or Hedge Fund seed capital under our FCA License
    STEP 8: Joint Sponsorship in creating and marketing a European compliant Hedge Fund


If you are keen to hear more about this program, please apply immediately with your resume. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.