Financial Engineering Java Developer

Financial Engineering is a team responsible for providing software that validates the valuation models developed by the Equities quant team.

The main system the Financial Engineering team is responsible for, Sloth, is used to regression test the analytics software prior to releases, and is also used throughout the development cycle by the quants to test changes being made to the analytics. Sloth carries out millions of valuations in each run, and provides an interactive UI to allow users to slice, dice and drill into large amounts of data.

The system consists of a Java, Kotlin and MongoDB backend and an HTML, JavaScript and AngularJS front end.

Financial Engineering is a small team, sat together with the quants on the trading floor in London. They work very closely with the quants and employ many agile software development practices in order to deliver high quality, valuable software to their clients very frequently. The team values clean, simple code and relies heavily on automated testing to enable very frequent releases of their software, often many times per day.

  • Solid agile Java development experience with a focus on clean, simple, test-driven code

  • Web UI development experience (Javascript, HTML5, AngularJS/ReactJS) preferable

  • Keen interest in new technologies and approaches