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Sales & Marketing

In this sector, you’ll find listings for all of our sales and marketing jobs in financial services firms. Salespeople are responsible for advising clients, like high net worth individuals, retirement funds, hedge funds or other institutional investors on good investment opportunities. These opportunities can be both when to buy and when to sell securities. Financial salespeople often specialize in particular products like government bonds, equities or derivatives. As with every other brand of salesperson, they should be friendly, persuasive and good at selling. Bigger investment firms also hire research-sales professionals who specifically sell their employer’s research expertise. There are also hybrid sales-traders who first sell products to clients and then execute the trades that come about from their recommendations.

The job of a financial marketer is to develop new opportunities or gaps in which to sell existing products, alongside creating marketing materials and business pitches to handle the firm’s image. Marketing and public relations are separate but related functions. Marketers manage a firm’s reputation by choosing how its brand, products and services are shown through advertising and promotional campaigns. Public relations people focus on how their firm is portrayed in the media and, if the company is public, to investors.

Salespeople are in touch with clients from the opening to the closing of the financial markets, usually for several hours before and after. A typical day starts with reviewing financial publications and reports from their research department. They will attend morning conference calls run by those research departments, so they can find out upgrades or downgrades to securities already covered or discover new issues affecting their clients. All this knowledge is taken and used over the rest of the day’s sales calls.

Anyone seeking a financial sales job should be naturally outgoing and self-confident, able to grow and maintain client relationships and demonstrate excellent communication skills and the ability to comprehend and explain complex financial products. They should also be enthusiastic about financial markets, deal well with pressure, be comfortable with numbers and both think and react quickly to rapidly changing market conditions.

Marketing staff don’t just promote the entire firm; people marketing individual products sit alongside sales teams. A financial marketing career is varied and can include sponsoring events, producing brochures and other printed media, developing corporate logos, determining the pricing and campaigns of products and services and researching markets for new products in development.

Financial marketing jobs require strong written and verbal communication skills, networking and people management skills, the ability to comprehend and explain complex financial issues confidently and an in-depth knowledge of markets and market segments.

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