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Risk Management Jobs

As a risk management officer, you could be working anywhere within the financial world, as there are always risks when it comes to investing any funds in any place, whether that be banks investing in clients through lending, or clients investing in equities, for example. While risk management may seem simple on the surface – identifying risks and minimizing them – the job can actually be quite complex, as much of it relies on mathematically modeling lots of financial data.

Risk Management Within Banks

Risk roles are prevalent at all financial services firms, but it is usual to find greater numbers employed in risk management  in at large banks, especially investment banks. The risk team will be using a number of different techniques to quantify the risks of the bank’s investment positions at any given time, using scientific and mathematical models to understand this risk further, and then offering advice to traders. The traders then have the task of making the decision whether to hold the current positions or to change them by buying or selling.

Further Opportunities

For those keen to build a career within risk management, there are a small number of qualifications that can be helpful. Examples include the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) course, offered by the Insurance Institute of America, and the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) course offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Achieving these qualifications can be very useful to add to your resume. They not only show a dedication, passion, and understanding for risk management, but also demonstrate that you can adhere to standardized practices, which is essential when it comes to risk management. Deviation from standard practices can increase risk, rather than reduce it.