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Retail Banking

In this section, you’ll find all of our retail banking jobs.

Large banking institutions often carry out transactions with other large banks or big corporations. They also deal directly with consumers on a retail level, where jobs in this sector fall.

While these banks generally have a brick-and-mortar presence, retail banking is increasingly taking place online, so jobs in retail banking now extend well beyond just working in a branch. Checking accounts, savings accounts, debit/credit cards, mortgages, online banking and personal loans are all included under retail banking services, as are some insurance considerations such as household and car insurance.

Some wealth management services are also included under retail banking, but rather than offering investment advice for wealthy individuals, this is more helping less affluent people grow their finances wisely. Financial planning services supply savings and investment advice, generally to secure a comfortable retirement for clients.

Junior bankers working in branches will likely be those handling customer questions and complaints directly. They are required to service customers at the counter and recommend and sell further suitable products and services. On a day to day basis, they’ll handle basic administrative functions like opening or closing accounts, changing customer details or setting up standing orders.

Because some of these support functions can also be carried out over the phone, retail banks hire armies of people for customer service call centers.

Graduates are often the targets of retail banking recruitment. If they start out in the branches, they are usually advanced quickly to management positions. After a two-year training program, spent learning about financial products offered by the bank, leadership and customer service, candidates are either responsible for managing a branch or leading a sales function.

There are also many other careers in retail banking outside the more traditional jobs outlined above.

Banks seek product managers and product developers to develop and deliver the services offered to customers, including credit cards, improvements to online or mobile banking or insurance. Naturally associated with these positions are marketing jobs, which identify consumer demand for products or services and develop promotional campaigns to target those needs. The prevalent term for these jobs is “customer propositions.”

You’ll also find jobs in operations management, for positions such as business analysts, change managers or project managers. These people devise operational efficiencies (including downsizing strategies), run the bank’s systems and processes, diversify its product offering and work out ways to improve business operations across finance, risk and technology functions.

Risk is another important function of retail banking. This is risk at a company level, with positions for credit, operational and market risk managers, but it also includes advising on whether to issue personal loans and mortgages. Fraud prevention jobs are also essential in retail banks’ risk divisions. Jobs can include protecting customers’ personal details (or information security), anti-money laundering (AML) or preventing bribery and corruption.

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