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Investor Relations / PR

In this section, we list all of our investor relations and PR jobs.

If you’re looking to take on a PR or marketing career, you should be a professional communicator. Your days will revolve around communicating with others, whether you are in charge of marketing and managing the organization’s brand or in a position as one of the public relations staff who manage its reputation.

The PR department handles the distribution of information from the bank to the media. Journalists call the people in PR whenever they need research, initial public share offerings, industrial relations tribunals, or any other information required for their articles.

Most large financial institutions hire a head of global PR located at the company’s head office, with other PR managers and PR assistants based at regional centers. PR staff is often responsible for one part of the firm, such as its private bank. You’ll find both career PR people and former journalists filling these positions.

Although banks mainly hire their own PR staff, some financial firms also outsource some of their media requirements to PR agencies. External PR firms are often in charge of specific campaigns or special inquiries. PR agencies may also employ specialist public relations staff for this purpose; they often communicate information about more important financial events such as mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings. Companies will often hire these agencies to communicate with the press for them.

Marketing staff also plays a part in determining a firm’s image. A marketing job focuses not on presenting information to the media but on creating and maintaining a financial services firm’s image to customers.

At many investment banks, in-house communications experts may also be required to produce company magazines, run intranet sites and manage corporate events.

Jobs in investor relations necessitate playing a more formal role, providing important information about the company and its financial performance to current and potential shareholders. Investor relations professionals handle inquiries from shareholders and investors and any other people who ask about a company’s stock or financial stability.

An investor relations career requires strategic management. These positions require skills in communication, finance, marketing and securities law compliance. They aim to encourage discussion between a company and the financial community that will help its securities achieve fair valuation.

The investor relations job is quite varied and could include presenting at fundraising roadshows to make audiences aware of the firm’s internal operations. Investor relations people are also required to attend press conferences, shareholder meetings and private meetings with investors.

Investment relations professionals also handle company annual reports and the investor relations section of company Web sites. They spread information about corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

Someone working in the investor relations department usually reports to the chief financial officer or treasurer, although in some firms, investor relations staff report to the PR department.

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