Hedge Funds: currently 389 jobs.The latest job was posted on 22 May 15.

Hedge Funds

Unlike mutual funds, which are marketed to retail investors and heavily regulated as to what they can and cannot do, hedge funds are not allowed to be marketed to retail investors and have a great deal of flexibility as to the strategy they adopt. Many of these hedge fund strategies carry more risk than in the general market. Working for a hedge fund is a fast paced, exhilarating, and high risk role that’s very much sought after. In fact, it’s reported that each hedge fund position receives hundreds of applications, so it may be more sensible to work your way up to hedge funds, rather than attempting to jump in at the deep end.
Some excellent avenues towards hedge fund management are junior roles or internships within risk management, prime brokerage, or hedge fund administration. You may also find it beneficial to work towards a relevant qualification such as Level 1 of a CHP qualification – Certified Hedge Fund Professional – to gain a more in depth knowledge of the sector.

Hedge Fund Strategies

Roles in hedge funds can be diverse, as the instruments and strategies vary.  The equity long short strategy is one of the more straightforward – it attempts to find pairs of equities, one that is expected to outperform the other. The fund takes a long position in the equity expected to outperform and a short position in the equity expected to underperform. You may have heard about global macro – a strategy that tries to take positions that will benefit from macro-economic trends and could involve currencies, commodities, and a range of derivatives. All our hedge fund-related positions are located here on efinancialcareers.com. Please bear in mind that you don’t need to jump straight into hedge fund management – support roles or positions within related fields can be excellent stepping stones to the top.