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Hedge Funds

All of our jobs in hedge funds are listed in this sector. Hedge fund managers are usually the outsiders in financial services. Most are former traders or fund managers who have been very successful and as a result have now chosen to work independently with a hedge fund career. The phrase “hedge fund” has come from the idea that money managers can hedge their bets to make sure they make money no matter which way the market goes.

One way of making money in a falling market is through “short-selling.” Short sellers first borrow the stock they think is valued too highly and then sell it on at that high price. If the price falls as they expect, they purchase the stock back at a lower price and return it to the initial lender.

Hedge funds usually fall into one of a few types, depending upon investment strategy. These may include global macro funds (funds focused on global trends rather than any movement in particular stocks), event-driven funds (funds that aim to profit from single events such as mergers and acquisitions or bankruptcies) or relative arbitrage funds (funds that exploit differences in prices for the same products). A relative arbitrage fund would buy something where it’s cheaper and at the same time sell where it’s more expensive.

Investors can also put their money into “funds of hedge funds” because single hedge funds are risky. These aim to invest money across a number of different hedge funds in order to spread the risk.

We list a number of various hedge fund jobs here, including areas such as analysis (analyzing what the hedge fund plans to invest in), sales, marketing and investor relations (these positions meet with investors and sell the merits of the fund), and trading (actually executing the developed investment strategy and buying and selling financial products). Hedge fund traders are execution traders. They do not make judgments on their own but mainly trade on the recommendations of the analysts.

Hedge funds also employ in other sectors. They will need people to work in risk and in HR and compliance to keep the business running smoothly.

A large number of hedge funds are based in Switzerland, particularly in Zurich. In the U.S., hedge funds are frequently based in New York and Connecticut. Meanwhile, Singapore is a growing center for hedge funds in Asia.

As the hedge fund industry expands, it has become more likely to take on institutional investors. This means that there is increasing similarity between jobs in hedge funds and those in long-only asset management.

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