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Graduates & Internships

In this section, we’ve listed graduate jobs and financial internships for recent graduates and current students across all the different sectors of investment banking and financial services, including fixed income, corporate finance and M&A, trading, equities, sales and hedge funds.

Investment banks and financial services institutions recruit graduates for junior and trainee positions on completion of a first degree, a master’s or a Ph.D. The lowest junior roles in investment banks are normally called “analyst” jobs, so graduates just starting out in banks are often called “analysts.”

In most cases, investment banks and other financial services firms expect students who aim to work in a financial career to complete an internship before they are hired. Internships vary depending on the career. In many cases, these are summer internships, which normally take place over a number of weeks during the summer months of a student’s penultimate year. At European banks, however, it is normal for students to have much longer financial internships, taking place over many months or even years. Often, these comprise part of a student’s degree course. Week-long investment banking internships for freshmen are growing in popularity. They aim to provide students with a brief introduction to the industry. Lastly, for students who cannot take a summer internship, many banks now offer an internship over the winter as well. At present, though, the summer internship remains the best way to get a more permanent job.

Usually, the best students from summer internships in financial services firms and investment banks receive an offer of a full-time position, usually timed to begin the following year right after graduation. Successful interns then join financial graduate training schemes to learn how to do their jobs. These schemes usually incorporate training in a classroom and training directly on the job, often rotating between different jobs to provide students with a full understanding of the business.

Investment banks are very demanding with graduate and intern recruitment. They choose college students with the strongest academic records and the ability to explain why they want a job in the financial services industry. Students who do not get an internship and or who do not get a coveted job offer before graduation may still be able to find a graduate position, but it becomes much harder because so many graduate finance jobs are taken by the previous year’s interns.

In this section, you’ll find both financial graduate jobs and internships related to financial services firms’ and investment banks’ graduate training programs. We also list any financial graduate jobs and internships that appear outside of these structures.

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