Commercial Banking: currently 620 jobs.The latest job was posted on 20 Apr 14.


All of our industry and commerce jobs related to strategy and finance are listed within this section. Industry and commerce are terms that relate to a number of possible businesses in the corporate (non-financial) sector. Under this section are positions for financial careers in businesses such as telecommunications, entertainment, pharmaceuticals or the manufacturing industries.

The corporates in this sector hire many accountants in various jobs, such as financial accountants, management accountants and controllers. Generally, financial accountants create and present figures for external use by analysts, the markets or shareholders. Management accountants focus on providing figures internally to inform the internal strategy of the business. As you may expect, smaller companies tend to blur the lines between these two roles. One leading management accounting qualification is run by CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Financial accountants usually have a Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification or an ACCA.

As well as accounting jobs, this sector contains business development and strategy positions in industry and commerce where experience in financial services is important. Many large industrial companies have their own internal corporate finance or M&A teams to identify target companies for acquisitions or potential purchasers for disposals. Many consider working within an internal M&A team more interesting than working in an M&A team in an investment bank because team members feel more “ownership” of the deals they achieve.

Corporate strategy and business jobs, or corporate development, are also suitable for individuals with financial services expertise. These positions (and those of in-house M&A advisors) require an ability to design and implement a business plan alongside financial modeling experience. Candidates for these positions usually have experience in investment banking or strategy consulting.

Corporations also hire finance professionals as treasurers, who work to manage the company’s cash flow. Some companies will also maintain an in-house venture capital fund to enable them to invest in new propositions that may contribute to the future of the business (known as “corporate venturing”). These funds also hire people with venture capital, private equity and accounting experience.

Lastly, there are often significant exchanges between the non-customer facing areas of financial services companies and companies in other industries. All organizations will still require IT staff, HR staff, business analysts and project managers, so there are many different avenues for financial careers in industry and commerce. We also list jobs in industrial non-financial services companies in this sector.

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