Asset Management: currently 1372 jobs.The latest job was posted on 26 May 15.

Asset Management

Asset management, or fund management, is all about selecting the right investments for clients. It can be one of the most exhilarating roles in the financial sector, and  here is where you’ll find asset management jobs advertised across the United States and Canada. The roles range from middle management distribution jobs to higher stakes portfolio manager roles, and lists roles suitable for all skill and experience levels.

Where in the World?

When thinking about asset management, New York tends to come to mind. However, while New York does offer amazing opportunities, especially within leading players like BlackRock, lists many opportunities across North America. Indeed major players in asset management are headquartered outside of New York, such as Vanguard in Pennsylvania, State Street and Fidelity in Boston and PIMCO in California.

A subset of asset management – wealth management – isn’t restricted only to these major cities, and is prominent all across the country. Wealth management involves selecting investments for private clients, ranging from high profile businessmen to celebrities. For those interested in breaking into the world of wealth management, big banks like UBS, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo are key players in the US.

The Range of Positions

The range of positions available to those wanting to work within asset management, or already in the sector is very wide. Roles include client facing distribution roles, product management and marketing, analyst positions assessing potential investments and strategies, support functions such as risk reporting and fund accounting and ultimately to those actually selecting investments – the portfolio managers. The higher octane areas of hedge funds and private equity are also well represented on, again with a huge array of opportunities that appeal to those with various levels of experience, from new graduates to those with years of experience.